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2.4 Preview – More Receipt Improvements

April 24, 2012 Version Updates Mark

We’re putting the wraps on Ascend Version 2.4. It will be available for our Early Release dealers on May 14th and for all dealers on June 11th.

More Receipt Improvements

In Version 2.3 we spent time improving customer receipts.  We added the ability to specify your own custom footers and to email a receipt from the Change Due box.  With Version 2.4 we’re including more receipt improvements.

You’ll have options for what appears in the top header section of your large receipts.

You can use the current header that prints the information from your Location record.  Or if you want to use pre-printed stock with your store information at the top, you can choose to leave the header area blank.  Or you can choose to upload an image of your own.  The image must be less than 200kb in size, 1.5 inches in height and 7.5 inches in width.  Here’s an example of a receipt using an image I created.

We’re also making it easier to print these large receipts.  With 2.4 you’ll have an option to print them from the Change Due box.

2.3 critical update

Two weeks ago I told you about recently discovered issues that you need to be aware of.  Click here to read the details.  They are critical enough that we didn’t wait for version 2.4 to fix them.  Last week we released a critical update of Version 2.3 to our Early Release dealers.  It’s available now for everyone.  To update, simply click on the Internet Update icon and follow the instructions from there.

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