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2 Steps to Start Getting Ready for V3

December 4, 2012 General, Version Updates Mark

Our progress continues on Ascend Version 3.  As with most major projects we’ve had some surprises and things are taking longer than expected.  We’re focussing all of our energy on providing a fast and reliable system to carry us all into the future.  We’re targeting the 2nd half of 2013 for release.  Sometime after the 1st of the year our Ascend Sales Team will begin using V3 to run our own day-to-day software business.  I’ll be sure to let you know when that happens.

In the meantime there are plenty of things you can do to get ready for V3.  This is a first in series of blogs detailing steps you can take now to be ready to upgrade.

  1. Upgrade to Version 2.5:  Before you can upgrade to V3 you need to be on Version 2.5.  Many of you already are.  Some of you aren’t.  Our goal is to have 90% on Version 2.5 by the end of December.  It’s a tall task but we’re getting close.  If we hit the goal, I’ve agreed to get an Ascend Blue crew cut.  And, as an added bonus, I will also dye my Movember Mustache blue.  Currently you have to stand a foot away from me to see it.  But trust me, by the end of December, it will be awesome!  Don’t worry.  There will be pictures.
  2. Replace your old hardware:  If you have any of this hardware it’s time to think about replacing it:

If you need help with either of these steps feel free to call us, email us or visit us at www.ascendrms.com.


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6 responses to “2 Steps to Start Getting Ready for V3”

  1. Josh Cohen says:

    What about those of us with slow (and I mean slow) internet connections? We are at 4 mbps down and about 700 kbps up on a good day. Faster service isnt really an option.

  2. Matt says:

    We have some Win 7 machines, but mostly Win XP clients. Will XP not be supported somehow, or is this just a recommendation to upgrade hardware. Also, any Linux support for V3 or on the horizon? Thanks

  3. Ryan says:

    We are currently running a Windows 7 network and have Ascend v2.5.4644. We were able to find two drivers that allow our older Verifone 1000SE pinpads and Epson TM-T88III printers to work with our current configuration. Will there be compatibility issues with Ascend 3.0?… since these devices are functioning in a Windows 7 environment now?

    • mhoggatt says:

      Ryan, we won’t officially support those devices on V3. That means we won’t be testing and validating that they work as we develop V3. So it’s possible they could, but it’s not something we’ll be guaranteeing.

  4. Jeff Bailey says:

    I need to upgrade some XP machines. What will be the preferred OS for V3?

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