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Make Your Bookkeeper Happy

In Version 2.9, due out on March 18th, we’ve made a change that will really make your bookkeeper happy. Fewer Files = Less Time Currently, if you integrate Ascend with QuickBooks, you need to import one IIF file per day for each location.  For example, if you have two locations, for one week you’ll need to import 14 individual files.  We’ve changed Read More

What You See is What You Get

WYSIWYG (pronounced WIZ-ee-wig) is an acronym for “What You See is What You Get”.  In Ascend Version 2.9, due out on March 18th, we’re delivering WYSIWYG to your receipts. What You See is What You Get: When ringing up a sale, many of you scan items in a specific order for your customers.  It looks Read More

QBP Integration Update

Here’s an update on Ascend’s integration with the new QBP website: I apologize for the problems with the new integration.  We understand that ordering from one of your major suppliers is temporarily more difficult than it should be.  It’s our goal, with all software updates, that they work without issue.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen with Read More

Ordering and Registering Electra Products in Ascend

In case you haven’t heard, Trek acquired Electra.  Here’s what you need to know about ordering and registering Electra products in Ascend. Update Your Product Records Electra bikes are included in our Trek product update that was posted this morning.  If you already sell Electra and have their products and UPCs in Ascend, Trek will be added Read More