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Would You like a Gift Receipt for That?

The holidays usually mean two things for retailers: big sales and the need for gift receipts. Tackle both with Ascend version 2.12 and the new features it brings to help make this holiday season your most successful ever. We’ve made it easier to print product labels and included new receipt default settings to make gift and email receipts a Read More

For Every Product, There is a Category

Categorizing products isn’t always easy, but it is important for every retailer. Not only does it make for a more organized database, but it affects reporting, helps narrow search results, and allows you to create a complete cycle count schedule. To help get all of your items properly sorted, we’ve made it faster for you to categorize Read More

Introducing Ascend Customer Groups!

Version 2.12 is almost here.  It’s available now for our Early Release retailers and will be available to everyone on December 9th.  With this latest version we’re excited to introduce Customer Groups.  For a quick preview of this new feature, check out this video from Ascend’s Product Manager, Luke Natvig. The Power is in Your Read More

Introducing Ascend Inventory Services!

Inventory, like laundry, requires constant attention. Accurate information helps you make the right buying decisions so that you have the right inventory at the right time to make the sale. We know it takes a lot of discipline to get this part of your business right, so we’ve introduced Ascend Inventory Services to help you and Read More