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4 Ways to Collect More Customer Email Addresses

November 20, 2012 General Mark

By our estimates bike retailers have email addresses, on average,  for about 20% of their customers.  Many have more than that.  Some retailers have over 90%.  Here are 4 simple things they do to collect more addresses.

  1. Ask:  As my mom always told me, you don’t get something unless you ask for it.  Ask your customers when they’re checking out if you can add them to your email list.  Make sure you have a prominent link on your website to subscribe to your mailing list.  People are protective of their addresses.  So if simply asking doesn’t work, give them a reason to want to give it to you.  The next 3 ways will give them a reason.
  2. “Your bike is ready to pick up”:  When people drop off their bike for service, ask them if you can email them when it’s ready.  Incidentally, with our new SMS integration,  this has also been a very popular way to get customers’ mobile numbers.
  3. “Your order is in”:  When people place an order for a special item, ask them if you can email them when it arrives.
  4. “Can we email you a copy of your receipt?”:  The Apple Stores have been doing this for quite a while.  Many other stores are doing the same .  You can too.  Every time the Change Due window appears, your employees should ask the customer if they can email the receipt to them.

We wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving.  We are thankful to have you as our customers.


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