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Ascend Version 2.3 Preview – Part 3

February 6, 2012 Version Updates Mark

Ascend Version 2.3 Preview Continued:

We’re in the final two weeks of programming for the next major release of Ascend. It will be available to our “early release” dealers in mid-February and available to everyone in mid-March. Two weeks ago we presented Part 1 of our preview and last week Part 2.  Let’s continue today with Part 3.

Emailing receipts

We’re taking advantage of our new integrated email service to add this feature. At the Change Due window you’ll have the option to email receipts to your customers. It’s a great service to offer them and another reason for them to share their email addresses with you.

Gift Card payment hot key

This new feature came out of our first Day of Autonomy exercise. It was inspired by Trek’s cafeteria where Ascend is used and many employees use gift cards to pay for their lunches. Instead of clicking the Gift Card payment button, you can press Alt+F1 on the keyboard.

New Leisure Trends Export on Ascend Online Reports

Many of you provide a monthly data feed to Leisure Trends. We’ve provided a new export to help you easily retrieve this information. It’s available on Ascend Online Reports now. If you haven’t yet connected to Ascend Online reports, check out my previous blog on this topic for more details.

Tune in again next week for more previews!


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2 responses to “Ascend Version 2.3 Preview – Part 3”

  1. CARS Bike Shop beta dealer says:

    Should we be seeing the new ‘no change due’ window yet?

    • mhoggatt says:

      Bruce, you won’t see this yet. Next Monday night (2/20) aur beta and early release dealers will be able to download the version of 2.3 that has this feature.

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