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Mai 10, 2018 Hardware, Products, Work Orders, Workstations Sarah

This week, our entire team is gathered in Waterloo, Wisconsin at the Ascend headquarters for our annual Ascend Global Summit. During this time, we fly in members from our international offices (UK/Ireland, Germany/Switzerland, and – new this year! – Australia/New Zealand, Spain, and Japan), as well as remote members from our development team across the US. We spend time in focused meetings throughout the week to discuss how we can best improve our software and processes so that we can better support you – our customers.

Limited support: Due to our Global Summit meetings, the Ascend support line will be closed during the following times:

We will have limited support (the support line will be open, but you may have extended wait times) Tuesday May 8th through Thursday May 10th from 1 pm to 3 pm Central.

If you need an answer right away, our self-help resources can help you troubleshoot the issues we see most commonly or show you how to use the most common features in Ascend. If you still need help, just leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you ASAP when we’re available!

Keep current: When was the last time you replaced your computers and/or other peripherals? Most electronics (including computers) have a maximum lifespan of three to five years. Even if the hardware itself still works, technology moves fast – you may not be getting the optimum performance out of your system (which may mean everything runs slowly, or you may see a lot of errors).

When it’s time to replace old units, be sure to check our minimum hardware requirements to ensure you’re getting something that’s adequate for your needs! Just need a printer, scanner, or other peripheral? You can even order online – no need to pick up the phone. We also sell both server and workstation PCs, but pricing will vary depending on your shop’s individual requirements, so get in touch with us for a quote.

Keep categorized: Categories are an important part of your system – they help you keep your products organized and make it easy to report on your sales. Our installers work with you to determine what categories you’ll need when you go live with Ascend, but your business could change as it grows, and you may find yourself needing additional categories. Our newest Ascend University module, Create a New Product Category, and knowledge base article, How do I create a new Product Category?, walk you through the process of setting up a new category (regardless of whether it’s a parent or child category).

Already have all the categories you need, but just need to get your products into them? Ascend’s Category Mapper utility makes it easy – and our Ascend University module, Use the Category Mapper, and knowledge base article, How do I use the Category Mapper?, make it easy to learn how to use this feature.

Keep on schedule: Last fall, we introduced the ability to schedule your service center’s workload based on your mechanics’ free time. This was a feature that was a long time in coming and had been requested by numerous retailers over the years. However, we’ve noticed that the adoption level hasn’t matched the excitement level.

We know it might seem like a daunting task. But if you take the time to get set up now, while your season’s still ramping up, it’ll save you headaches when your season’s in full swing. Not sure where to start? Our Ascend University module, Set the Schedule with Technician Settings, and knowledge base article, How do I set up my service center’s availability for scheduling?, guide you through the entire process.

Expo hardware: We still have a dwindling supply of barely-used expo hardware available – including client PCs! All expo hardware is available to US retailers for a discounted price. Quantities are limited and on a first-come-first-served basis, so contact us ASAP for prices and to learn more.

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