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26 Nov'18

Make a splash

Uncategorized @gb Harriet Owen November 26, 2018

If you’re like many retailers in much of United Kingdom, the traffic in your store is probably starting to drop off fairly significantly. No matter what time of year it is, Ascend offers some great tools you can use to bring customers back into your store and keep them...

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30 Jul'18

Updated subscription fees

Ascend Help Michael Collins July 30, 2018

This week we’ve got a special message from our Ascend UK Business Manager, Michael Collins, regarding the recent update to our subscription cycles and some awesome news on upcoming integrations. Dear Customers, I’m writing to you today to announce changes to our Ascend subscription fees. Starting 1st September 2018,...

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2 Jul'18

Make a reservation

Ascend Help, Ascend University, Version Updates Harriet Owen July 2, 2018

If you’ve already updated to the June 2018 version of Ascend, hopefully you’re taking advantages of the cool new features! If you aren’t on June 2018 yet, make sure to set aside some time outside of store hours to update. You should also take a few minutes right now...

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26 Mar'18

Your update is ready

Version Updates Harriet Owen March 26, 2018

It’s update week! Have you downloaded the latest version of your favorite retail management system yet? Read on to learn more about what to expect, trekbikes.com availability information. Be more efficient: Spring 2018 brings the final phase of our legacy multi-store service retirement. That means we’re reallocating resources and...

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21 Mar'18

Spring forward

Version Updates Harriet Owen March 21, 2018

The weather may be having trouble making up its mind, but spring will be here before you know it! The Spring 2018 version of Ascend was released to beta and early release retailers on February 28. It will be available to everyone else on March 20 – so get...

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22 Feb'18

Today’s the day

Ascend Help, Videos Harriet Owen February 22, 2018

The calendar might say today is National Love Your Pet day, or that Thursday is National Margarita Day, but here at Ascend, every day is National Ascend day! We just won’t make you write that across the whole calendar. For now, we do have a couple important dates and...

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22 Feb'18

Spring cleaning

Uncategorized @gb Harriet Owen February 22, 2018

The groundhog may have seen his shadow, but we’re still getting ready for spring. This week, take some time to do a little housekeeping to ensure you’re prepared for whatever the season brings. KHS part number updates: KHS has changed a large number of part numbers in their system...

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13 Jan'18

Things are heating up

Version Updates Harriet Owen January 13, 2018

It may be chilly outside, but that’s no reason to put off your full-store inventory! Make sure you and your inventory scanner are warmed up and ready to go on the big day. You should also write down some upcoming limited support hours. And if you’re not on the...

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19 Dec'17

It's present time

Uncategorized @gb Erin December 19, 2017

The Winter 2017 version of Ascend is finally here! Winter is bringing you some holiday goodies – including a new Purchase on Account workflow, some sweet Purchase Order updates, and it’s all topped off with shiny new Transaction Open messages. Speaking of holidays, take a moment to see what’s...

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20 Sep'17

Safe & sound

Uncategorized @gb Sarah September 20, 2017

Fall weather is slowly settling in, and while that means your sales are starting to wind down, it also means the holidays are right around the corner. Scammers take advantage of the fact that you’re in a flurry of activity during this time. Read on to ensure you’re keeping...

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25 Jul'17

Don't you forget about me

Uncategorized @gb Erin July 25, 2017

Don’t let the busy season make you forgetful! Now is the time to really stay on top of your inventory and upcoming On Sales. So let’s talk about the Trek Summer Sale (starting this week) and check in on cycle counts. Come see the Summer Sale: The Trek Summer Sale starts this Thursday,...

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14 Jun'17

It's a hot one

Uncategorized @gb Erin June 14, 2017

It’s hot, hot, hot(!) here in Wisconsin, but we’re working hard to stay cool. And there are a couple easy ways to help you keep your cool, too. If you haven’t updated to the Summer 2017 version of Ascend, there’s no time like the present! Get the details on...

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8 Feb'17

It's Never Too Early

Uncategorized @gb Erin February 8, 2017

Forget the groundhog – let’s start thinking about the spring season. This spring, you can look forward to more than warmer weather. Get ready for training materials for new or seasonal employees and more secure website logins. New Hire Training: When you’re new to Ascend, it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. We’ve...

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25 Jan'17

Don't Lose Access

Uncategorized @gb Eddy January 25, 2017

This week learn how you can request a login for our updated website, get the help you need to make the most our of your system, and ensure you’re staying updated with the latest version of Ascend. Don’t Lose Access: Starting February 20th, ascendrms.com visitors will need an account...

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10 Jan'17

Now it's Personal

Uncategorized @gb Erin January 10, 2017

How are you ringing in the new year? At Ascend, January involves lots and lots of inventory! Join us and start the year right with a full store inventory. There’s also an exciting new website change coming your way and a chance to hang out with our crew at CABDA. Ready,...

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4 Oct'16

Did someone say "update"?

Uncategorized @gb Eddy October 4, 2016

This week we’ve got some news on our latest update, a new group on the ACN to help with vendor update notifications, and information on outdated hardware. Plus, our October Hardware Sales specials. Read on to learn more. New season, new version: The Fall 2016 version of Ascend is quickly...

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31 Aug'16

Last Call for Grillin'

Uncategorized @gb Sarah August 31, 2016

Fall is just around the corner and in the US, Labor Day is the unofficial kickoff! Ensure you’re ready for the autumn rush and prepare your shop for smooth transition to the next selling season with accurate inventories. Limited Support Available: The Ascend Support Line will be closed on...

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16 Aug'16

Remember the Good Ol' Features

Uncategorized @gb Erin August 16, 2016

By releasing four major updates a year, we’re often using these posts to help explain how to use new features (like multi-store updates and processing chip cards through Chase Paymentech™) to help power your business. But Ascend has a lot to offer and sometimes existing features might go unnoticed. So this week,...

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26 Jul'16

We'll Meet You There

Uncategorized @gb Erin July 26, 2016

Trek World starts next Monday and we’re getting seriously excited! Here’s a couple things to keep in mind if you’re attending – and a couple other things to keep in mind even if you’re not! We know you’re excited to see all the new products this year, but don’t...

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20 Jul'16

UPDATED: Don't Get Hung Up

Uncategorized @gb Sarah July 20, 2016

UPDATE: 7/22/2016  2:13 PM CST We’ve receiving reports on the support line that some customers aren’t recognizing a new instance where payments are being declined. If ignored, transactions are not successfully completed and payment isn’t received. Read on to learn how to make the most out of the new...

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5 Jul'16

Chips & Dip(s)

Uncategorized @gb Sarah July 5, 2016

Summer 2016 is here and contains a plethora of new features (especially if you’re coming from Winter 2015)! But some of the changes to payment processing are causing confusion for some retailers. Read on to learn how to avoid being stumped at the register.

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28 Jun'16

Say 'Hello' to Summer

Uncategorized @gb Erin June 28, 2016

Hooray! Summer 2016 launches today! Here’s what you need to know to get updated to the newest version – along with information on our upcoming holiday hours and brand-new help site. Not to mention one last chance to check out our June hardware sale. Summer 2016 Release: Summer 2016...

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21 Jun'16

Where's my update to Summer 2016?

Uncategorized @gb Eddy June 21, 2016

The Summer 2016 version of Ascend will be ready for release on June 28th. Learn how to get your hands on it, check out some of the ways it can help make your life simpler, and if you were waiting for the right time to snatch up some new...

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26 May'16

Dot Your I's And Cross Your T's

Uncategorized @gb Erin May 26, 2016

The busy summer season is coming and we want you to be ready! Here’s a few items to check off your to-do list as summer approaches – such as upcoming holiday hours, the Trek Extended Spring Rebates, and more. Holiday Hours: We’ve got special Holiday Hours coming up and...

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17 May'16

"Somebody, help!"

Uncategorized @gb Sarah May 17, 2016

Best System. Best Support. It’s the motto we live by, and we take it very seriously. But what does “Best Support” really mean? We’re billing our first installment of yearly support fees this week, so it’s a great time to brush up on all the resources you have at...

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20 Apr'16

No Wallet? No Problem.

Uncategorized @gb Eddy April 20, 2016

Smartphones have brought us the power to control our homes, order a car, and now have the ability to replace your credit cards. With the Spring 2016 version of Ascend and an Ingenico terminal, you can now join the fun. Plus, some information on submitting your 2016 Trek Fest...

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6 Apr'16

Worth the Wait

Uncategorized @gb Sarah April 6, 2016

In case you missed last week’s post, we’ve started to roll out the Spring 2016 version of Ascend to select retailers. Wondering why you haven’t seen the alert to update yet? Well, to make things as simple as possible for you and your team, we’ve broken the release into several...

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22 Mar'16

Who's Ready?

Uncategorized @gb Erin March 22, 2016

The Spring 2016 version of Ascend is almost here! And we’re doing our best to keep you in the loop on everything spring. This week we’re sharing previews of a few more of the gems you can expect on March 29th, along with some setup instructions that will ensure your store...

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10 Feb'16

It's All About the Details

Uncategorized @gb Erin February 10, 2016

In the Ascend Winter 2015 update, Work Orders received a major tune up. Now that the dust has settled, let’s review some of those changes. We’ll also take a moment to preview what’s next for Work Orders in Spring 2016. In December, we added a lot of cool features...

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12 Jan'16

We're Getting Closer…

Uncategorized @gb Sarah January 12, 2016

The new year brings a new way to prepare for EMV (chip & PIN) processing, an opportunity for us to improve, hardware specials, and a few reminders. Read on to learn more. Payment Processing Update: We’re aware that some retailers have been running into issues getting end-to-end encryption enabled on their Chase...

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28 Oct'15

It's Inventory Season

Uncategorized @gb Eddy October 28, 2015

Winter is coming. Make sure you stay on top of your inventory by performing regularly scheduled cycle counts multiple times a year and a full store physical inventory at least once a year. You’ll be glad you did once those holiday sales start. Cycle counts are an important part of your...

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3 Oct'15

UPDATED: EMV Questions? We've Got the Details.

UPDATE: 10/2/2015  10:31 AM CDT We met with Chase Paymentech yesterday to discuss our position on EMV certification and would like to share some updates based on that conversation. EMV Certification Due to Ascend’s early start and continued persistence to get certified, we’re further along in the process than literally...

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28 Sep'15

UPDATED: EMV Questions? We've Got the Details.

Uncategorized @gb Eddy September 28, 2015

UPDATE: 10/2/2015  10:31 AM CDT We met with Chase Paymentech yesterday to discuss our position on EMV certification and would like to share some updates based on that conversation. EMV Certification Due to Ascend’s early start and continued persistence to get certified, we’re further along in the process than literally...

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16 Jul'15

The Times They Are A Changin'

Uncategorized @gb Eddy July 16, 2015

It used to be credit cards only needed a magnetic strip to store and provide account information for customers, but the winds of change are blowing again. No need to worry though, we’re working hard to make the transition as effortless for you as possible. Many banks have already...

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4 Mar'15

Credit Card Processing Q & A

Uncategorized @gb Luke March 4, 2015

As October 1st approaches, industry buzzwords like “EMV”, “Chip & Pin”, and “liability shift” are coming up more and more. With that in mind, we wanted to take a moment to update you on credit card processing within Ascend. What the heck is happening in the United States on October 1, 2015?...

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13 Oct'14

Say "Goodbye" to XP and "Hello!" to Your New Windows PC

Uncategorized @gb Eddy October 13, 2014

As of April 8, 2014 Microsoft stopped providing support for its Windows XP operating system. Windows XP is 12 years old and that’s pretty old for an operating system. Microsoft does support its older operating systems, but it’s already more than 2 years past the standard ten years of...

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31 Jul'13

The End of "Oops!"

Uncategorized @gb Mark July 31, 2013

Currently in Ascend, when you open a product record, it goes right to the Quantity field.  On occasion this leads to people mistakenly changing the quantity on hand.  When they do, there’s no trace of what happened except for an inventory adjustment that says “Changed quantity within Product Editor”....

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3 Jul'13

On Sale Improvements & Release Update

Uncategorized @gb Mark July 3, 2013

Last week we announced we’re back to providing you improvements in Version 2.  See below for more details about what’s coming your way. On Sale Improvements: The On Sale function in Ascend has always been a great tool for you to automatically discount specific products at point of sale...

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29 Jan'13

A Belated Happy "Blue" Year and 2013 Budgets

Uncategorized @gb Mark January 29, 2013

Greetings and a much belated Happy New Year to all of you.  As I reported in my last blog post, the Ascend Team met a challenge I issued to them last year.  With your cooperation they got over 90% of our locations to upgrade to version 2.5.  It was no...

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2 Oct'12

"Das ist cool!" Revisited

Uncategorized @gb Mark October 2, 2012

Last March I blogged about my Ascend dealer visits in Germany (read Das ist cool!).  The short version of the story was a German dealer was very excited to see the new feature to print special order receipts at receiving time.  The bad part of the story was they could...

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8 May'12

The Ascend "Best Support" Program

Uncategorized @gb Mark May 8, 2012

If you’ve been with Ascend for a while, you’ve heard me say “Best System. Best Support” many times. We provide the best support to help you fully utilize Ascend and implement it into your business. The investment we make to provide this level of support is significant.  We encourage you to...

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