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Chips & Dip(s)

Summer 2016 is here and contains a plethora of new features (especially if you’re coming from Winter 2015)! But some of the changes to payment processing are causing confusion for some retailers. Read on to learn how to avoid being stumped at the register.

Do I really need to ask the customer “credit or debit” every time?

Nope! Depending on the type of card used, the Ingenico payment terminal displays the choice for the customer to make. Even if they choose a different payment type than the cashier clicked in Ascend, the customer’s payment choice is automatically recorded on the transaction.

How do I know which way a card needs to be processed?

In short: if the card doesn’t have a chip OR if the card has debit capabilities, swipe it; if the card is credit only and has a chip, dip it. For full details, read this help topic and watch the video below, then print our quick reference sheet and place it at each of your registers for cashiers.


Doesn’t swiping a chipped debit card make me liable for fraudulent charges?

In general, no. The customer’s PIN is the highest level of security, so it falls on them to keep this information secure. However, there can be exceptions, so you should still take all the precautions you can – if something seems “off,” require a cash payment; if allowed by your state, verify the customer’s identity with their driver’s license, ask for a second card, or check their signature.

What if a customer refuses to run their card as debit?

We’d highly recommend requesting that they use a different payment method. Since the PIN’s security is the customer’s responsibility, insisting on bypassing this feature could be an indication of fraud.

However, if the customer is a regular and shop employees know them well, you can use the “manual” (i.e. non-EMV) processing option in the Payment dialog box. The cashier can then type the card information or scan the card using a Magtek swipe. Just remember that this option makes your store the liable party if the charge is reported as fraudulent.

What if we need to issue a refund to a debit card?

If the customer is using a chip debit card, returns must be done manually by entering the card information into your system. If the customer is using a debit card without the chip, the card must be swiped on the terminal and “credit” should be selected as the Payment Type.

When will EMV debit be supported?

We are hard at work trying to get this done for you as soon as we possibly can. Unfortunately, because Chase Paymentech™ was only recently certified for EMV debit processing, there wasn’t a lot of information they could give us for requirements on the software side. We’re hoping to have this implemented by the end of the year – but, as always, there’s a lot that can change with new technology, so keep an eye on this blog for further developments!

We’ve never had a fraudulent charge – why do I need all this new technology?

That’s great! Unfortunately, no one ever expects to get “conned.” You and your staff may be as vigilant as possible, but scammers get more and more tricky every day. And you should remember that the “liability for fraud” can include so much more than just the amount of the charge itself – you may also be responsible for reimbursing the credit card companies for their investigation costs or susceptible to damages and/or costs customers may have incurred due to fraud.

What if I still don’t want to use EMV processing?

That’s entirely your choice to make for your business. However, in order to be capable of running EMV cards, the Ascend software cannot process payments without the EMV portions. What that means to you is that if you continue to use integrated payment processing with Chase Paymentech™, you must remain on the Winter 2015 version of Ascend. Additionally, at some point, EMV will become a requirement for any payment processing – so you’re better off adopting the technology early and getting ready ahead of time!

I want to update, but I still don’t have Summer available!

If you’re integrated with Chase Paymentech™, you must have an addendum (to add end-to-end encryption to your account) filled out, signed, and on file before you can update. If you haven’t done so, fill out this easy form to get started!

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6 responses to “Chips & Dip(s)”

  1. John says:

    On the note of playing these videos in the shop, I would love a closed captioning option. I don’t ever have headphones at work, because work is for working, not listening to Justin Timberlake on my new Zune.

  2. Doug says:

    Whoever does these videos needs to leave the distracting and unnecessary background music OUT! Tried to gather my crew around the speakers to hear this, but the music made the message all but unintelligible. 🙁

    • Eddy says:

      We’re sorry you had trouble sharing the video with your team – we’re constantly looking for ways to help us improve our resources and will keep this in mind for the next video.

      In the meantime, feel free to use headphones or a different PC setup. You can also refer to this Help topic or our quick reference guide for credit/debit payments in the Summer 2016 version of Ascend.

  3. brian cox says:

    Wow! I totally feel put upon by the processors who knew that this was coming years ago and did nothing. Now, the little guy has to bear the burden of their recalcitrance. This is very frustrating and from my perspective completely ridiculous.

    • Eddy says:

      We might not be processing payments all day, but we definitely feel your pain! We’re trying to do everything we can to make processing as simple as possible for you and hope you won’t have to deal with the current methods for much longer.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your commitment to Ascend as the banks and processors figure this all out.

      Thanks for reading, Brian 🙂

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