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Coming Soon: SMS messaging in Ascend

July 10, 2012 Version Updates Mark

SMS (a.k.a. Text) messaging is very popular.  I know that’s not a big revelation for anyone.  When my 75 year old mom started texting me this past year, I knew we were reaching technology saturation.  Recent statistics bear this out as well:

With all this in mind, we’re excited to be adding the ability to send SMS messages from Ascend.  Starting with the release of Version 2.5 in September, you will be able to send messages to individual customers from three places in Ascend:

  1. From the Customers folder in Database Explorer
  2. After completing a work order
  3. When receiving special order items

Also, when receiving a special order item, you’ll be notified if the item is part of a work order.  At that time you can decide if you want to notify the customer or to wait until their work order is completed.

There will be no additional cost for this service.  It’s included with your annual support fee.  After you upgrade to Version 2.5 in September, you will need to contact the Ascend Support Team to activate the service for you.

In order to message a customer, you’ll need to have a mobile number in their database record.  You’ll also need to check the SMS box next to the number.  If you’ve upgraded to version 2.4 you can start using that SMS check box now.  If you haven’t upgraded yet, plan to do so at your earliest convenience.

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