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"Das ist cool!" Revisited

October 2, 2012 Version Updates Mark

Last March I blogged about my Ascend dealer visits in Germany (read Das ist cool!).  The short version of the story was a German dealer was very excited to see the new feature to print special order receipts at receiving time.  The bad part of the story was they could have been using the feature for months before our visit.  They just didn’t know about it.  The moral of the story:  Don’t let our cool new features go unnoticed and unused.

Last night we released Version 2.5 to everyone.  Once again we are delivering more “Das ist cool!” features.  So take a few moments this week to do your part:

  1. Upgrade to 2.5.  Over 150 locations are already on the new version.  Plan to join them.
  2. Get educated on the new features.  Watch our new release webinar.  Click here to view it.  You should also read our release notes for additional details:

Just a reminder that this is our last major release on the Version 2 platform.  We are now putting all of our efforts into Version 3.  Stay tuned to this blog for more updates.


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