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Don't Discount Your Service Labor Charges

August 19, 2013 Version Updates, Work Orders Mark

If you don’t discount your service department’s labor charges, Ascend has just made your life easier.  If you do, perhaps this new feature will change your mind.

New “Exclude Labor Items” Checkbox:

We’ve added a new Exclude Labor Items checkbox to the Discount Calculator form.  When you open the form from a Work Order that includes labor SKU’s, this new checkbox will be active.  Simply check it and those items will be excluded from any discounts you apply.

 Exclude Labor Items Checkbox

This new feature is available in Version 2.7.

Speaking of Version 2.7:

We’ll be releasing Version 2.7 to our Release Candidate group this week.  If you’re not part of this early preview group and would like to be, contact the Ascend Support Team.  Otherwise, we’re scheduled to make it available to everyone on September 17th.

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8 responses to “Don't Discount Your Service Labor Charges”

  1. Tom Helm says:


    Bikes are not the only serialized item in Ascend for some dealers.

    Exclusion based on serialization status alone would potentially inadvertently affect a good number of sales at certain dealer locations.

  2. Excluding items with a serial number would take care of the bike problem, but being able to exclude entire categories would be a tremendous help during a sale. I’ll even go further. Due to MAP restrictions, there should be ways to exclude not just categories, but perhaps brands and even down to the product level. All three tools would be useful to have, and make promotions much easier to manage. Thanks!

    • MAP policies generally don’t prevent you from discounting an item, but they do prevent you from ADVERTISING the item for below the Minimum Advertised Price. Your idea may be a good one, but I don’t think it’s justified by MAP policies.

      I very much like your idea of being able to exclude bikes and other categories of items from a discount calculation.

  3. I think the excluded category approach is a great idea and I can see value in an approach that would all an “excluded categories list” when using the “entire sale discount” options.

  4. Rick Snyder says:

    Mark, does the “exclude labor items” box only come up in a work order?

  5. Along those same lines, it would be great if there was a way to exclude an entire category from a discount. We offer 10% off on accessories purchased with a bike, and once in a blue moon somebody screws up and discounts the bike. Hate that.

    • mhoggatt says:

      Mike, would being able to exclude serialized items do it? Or are there other categories of items that you’d exclude from discounts as well?

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