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Extreme Makeover: Ascend Inventory Edition – Episode 1

October 30, 2013 Inventory, Version Updates Mark

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re sticklers about inventory control.  This is how we see it:  Your inventory is THE major asset of your business.  We must give you the tools to maintain an accurate inventory, to keep turning it and to make it as profitable as possible. This was our focus for Version 2.7 and it continues to be for 2.8.  Last week we introduced our new and improved Aged Inventory Report.  This week we present the first of a 3-part series on our new Reconcile Inventory feature.  We’ve updated the entire process to help streamline your inventory counts. 

End of Unreconcile

We’ve eliminated the step to unreconcile your inventory before you scan it.  You won’t see a Reconciled check box in the product record anymore either.  Instead you’ll see the date the product was last reconciled in the Details section. 

Select the Categories You’ve Scanned

When you start the Reconcile Inventory process you’ll see a new form to select the categories you’ve scanned.  You can select any combination of categories.  Selecting a category will automatically select all the child categories below it.

No More Combining Files

Currently if you have multiple scan files, you must combine them outside of Ascend before you can import them.  In Version 2.8 you can select multiple files right from the file selection screen.  Just use your Ctrl or Shift keys along with your mouse to select the ones you want.

Make sure to tune in next for Extreme Makeover – Ascend Inventory Edition Episode 2!

Version 2.8 will be available for our Release Candidate dealers on November 12th.  We’re scheduled to release it to everyone on December 10th.

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7 responses to “Extreme Makeover: Ascend Inventory Edition – Episode 1”

  1. […] Extreme Makeover: Ascend Inventory Edition – Episode 1 […]

  2. Howdy Mark!
    Seeing the new update and getting the chance to use it first hand allows me to say that this is a huge improvement to the old style of inventory reconciling. Thanks again for the time and of Jackie’s time and awesome teaching skills this past week at Inventory Fantasy Camp!

  3. SARAH CUNDIFF says:

    Just want to be sure I receive these emails at the above email email address. thanks!

  4. KC Hazelwood says:

    At one point we were on the list of dealers who got early release versions of Ascend and provided feedback(beta testers). Can we be added to that list again?

    Sincerest thanks,

    KC Hazelwood

    • mhoggatt says:

      KC, thanks for your interest in being part of our early preview. I’ll have someone from our support team get in contact with you about getting added.


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