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Extreme Makeover: Ascend Inventory Edition – Episode 2

November 6, 2013 Inventory, Version Updates Mark

In Episode 1 we introduced our new Reconcile Inventory feature.  In today’s episode we’ll introduce you to the new and improved Reconcile Inventory grid.

Stay Right Where You Are:

Sometimes products you scan need fixing.  They may have a duplicate record.  Pricing may be below cost.  Or maybe they haven’t been categorized.  Previously you’d have exit the Reconcile screen, go to the affected product record and make the correction.  Now all you have to do is double-click the row in the Reconcile Inventory grid.  Ascend will take you to the appropriate screen to make the fix.

Fix Typos:

There are some products you don’t scan when doing an inventory.  Rather than scanning 100 water bottles you type the quantity into AscendScan.  But where there is typing there are typos.  Instead of 100 you type 1,000.  Previously you’d need to find the problem row in the text file and fix it.  Then you’d have to re-import the file into the Reconcile Inventory grid.  Now all you have to do is to go to that row in the Reconcile Inventory grid, put your cursor in the New Qty field and type in the correct quantity.

Control What You See:

When you do a full inventory, the list in the Reconcile Inventory grid will be very long.  If you’ve been cycle counting, many rows won’t require any work.  The quantity you scanned equals the quantity in Ascend.  To focus only on rows that have discrepancies,  check the new “Discrepancies Only” check box.  You can further filter the list from there.  Just click on the filter symbol in the upper right hand corner of the column header by which you want to filter.  Then select your filter value.  You can also use the new Search field to narrow down what you see.

Make sure to tune in next week for Episode 3!

Version 2.8 will be available for our Release Candidate dealers next Tuesday night, November 12th.  We’re scheduled to release it to everyone on December 10th.

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