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Fall in love with September 2020

It seems like the summer has flown by, and the September 2020 version of Ascend is here to help you transition to fall as smoothly as possible. This version is available to most retailers worldwide starting September 16. Keep reading to learn about the highlights of this version, then head to our release notes to get the details on all the changes we’ve made.

However, keep in mind – if you use our eCommerce sales import (download) integration and haven’t already updated to May 2020, our support team will need to do some work to migrate your data to the new and improved platform. Schedule a time with us to get your store updated.


Ingenico updates: If you updated to May 2020, you may have noticed some hiccups with the new payment processing flow. We’ve made many, many improvements on the back end and have a new driver that will make your Ingenico payment terminal and overall integrated payment processing much more stable.

In the market for a new payment terminal? Good news! We now offer integration with the Ingenico Lane 7000 device – with a larger screen, sleek design, antimicrobial coating, and all the features of the iSC Touch 250, it’s sure to make all your customers’ checkouts a breeze. Order yours today.


eCommerce improvements: Triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic, eCommerce use has exploded over the past year. In addition to the increased frequency of product uploads (exports) we released to all retailers a few months ago, we’ve added a couple extra improvements to sale downloads (imports) that will make processing online sales a breeze:

If you’re a Trek retailer, you also have the option to partner with a new eCommerce provider for select models. Be sure to review Trek’s updated General Internet Sales Policy, then head to our knowledge base to learn how to send your product information to BikeExchange.


Multi-point inspections: We took a clue from car dealerships – your mechanics can now record what kind of shape a customer’s bike components are in so they know what needs to be serviced soon, or what needs to be taken care of NOW. The multi-point Inspection form can be filled out on a Work Order while the customer’s bike is already in for service, or as a standalone inspection whenever the customer happens to be in the store. History can easily be accessed from any Work Order associated with the serial number so your service technicians can remind customers if they’ve missed any ongoing issues. Head to our knowledge base to learn all about this form.

And keep an eye out on Trek University for our upcoming training videos in collaboration with Trek Certified Service!

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