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Fall into the Season

September 6, 2016 Cash Drawer, End of Day, Hardware, Reports Erin

The official first day of fall is still a few weeks away, but at Ascend, fall is just around corner. The Fall 2016 version of Ascend will be available next Tuesday (Sept. 13th) for all retailers. It brings some simple updates to Work Orders and other key areas of Ascend.

What time is it? Time for Work Orders to get an updated progress timer. In the Fall 2016 version of Ascend, the progress timer in Work Order Details runs even if you have to leave the detail screen – freeing up the workstation for sales, new Work Orders, or other mechanics to record their work.

Just start the timer when you start the repair, then select Save. The computer is free for you or your coworkers to use – like normal. Then, when you’re done with the work, simply open the Work Order Details, stop the timer, and save. Just don’t forget about the running timer before you complete the Work Order!

What else is new? We have a few other goodies in this update: a Cash Drawer Counter that will help you and your employees speed up End of Day procedures, the beginning of automated reports (starting with the Activity Summary, Inventory by Category Summary, and Customer Liability Details reports), and more. Check out the Fall 2016 Overview video for a sneak preview of them all – and be sure to read the Release Notes to get the lowdown on all the fixes and smaller changes!

How else can I prepare? Sign up for the Fall 2016 Webinar, hosted by our Product Manager, Luke Natvig.

The webinar will be Thursday, September 15th from 11:30AM-12:30PM CT and is a great opportunity to walk through the features and ask specific questions regarding this release.

Anything else? We’ve also got a new model of label printer now available – and you can get it 5% off for the rest of September. The Zebra LP2824 model (not the LP2824 Plus) has been discontinued by Zebra and is unsupported. While the LP2824 Plus continues to be supported, Zebra has discontinued the model and released a newer model with updated features. Upgrade to the ZD410 today and save!

In fact, all hardware (PCs and report printers excluded) are 5% off through the end of September.

Contact us today to order, or learn more about, our newest hardware. Call us at (877) 875-8663 or send an email to sales@ascendrms.com


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