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Happy Holidays

The holidays are here! We know you’re excited, but before you start opening your gifts, check out these goodies from Ascend. Take some time to write down our holiday support hours, watch the Winter Webinar (and then update to Winter 2016), and learn about the Bontrager light recall.

Holiday Support Hours: There are a lot of holiday hours coming up – so make sure to mark them on your calendar! There will be support via our Emergency Line on Friday December 23rd and Saturday, December 24th from 8am-5pm CST. Support will not be available on Sunday, December 25th. And there will be support via our Emergency Line on Monday, December 26th from 8am-5pm CST.

And while you’re writing those dates down, you should include our support hours for New Year’s. There will be support via our Emergency Line on Friday, December 30th and Saturday, December 31st. There will be no support on Sunday, January 1st. And there will be support via the Emergency Line on Monday, January 2nd. Emergency Support hours are from 8am-5pm CST on these dates as well. 

Join the Winter Wonderland: The Winter 2016 version of Ascend is the most-installed version in recent history. Almost 70% of our retailers have updated already! This Christmas, gift yourself and your shop with lockable desktop tiles, simplified Vendor Orders, updated coupons, and more. Check out our release notes and walkthrough webinar to get the details today.

Bontrager Light Recall: Trek has issued a voluntary recall of select Bontrager lights, including some Flare RT and Ion 700 RT models. We’ve prepared some queries that will quickly locate any lights in Ascend that may be affected (both in your inventory and sold to customers), along with steps to best manage inspections for your claims. Learn more about the details on Dexter, and get our how-to guide with everything you need to handle this recall in Ascend.

New Hardware for a New Year: For the rest of December, all Ascend hardware is 5% off  – computers, printers, scanners… everything! And if you purchase $1,500 or more, you’ll unlock 12 months of interest-free financing. Email us at sales@ascendrms.com to take advantage of this offer today.


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