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There’s a lot to learn with Ascend. To help you make the most out of your retail system, we’ve worked hard to bring you help beyond the phone. This week, we’re highlighting some support channels where you can find new help topics and updated videos any time of day (or night)!

More than a forum: UserVoice allows users to support or submit new ideas to help improve Ascend products and services. This year, we’ve also added an ever expanding support knowledge base.

Quickly search using keywords or frequently asked questions and gain access to over 100 help topics ranging from inventory to hardware troubleshooting and retail best practices.

Don’t see a topic you’re interested in? Click here to submit a request via email and get notified when it gets posted! Check out some of our newest articles today:

Press play: Reading is great and all, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Get a new perspective on our help topics by becoming a Sherpa on Ascend University.

Modules are added monthly to each of our featured schools designed to make you a pro at inventory, sales, and service. Videos fall between two and four minutes long and a short quiz helps you and your team test your knowledge. Best of all, our videos are available anywhere you have internet using a desktop PC or mobile device. Jump in to some popular ones:

Call in the troops: Sometimes the problem is bigger than a help topic or video. Or maybe you just have a follow-up concern.  That’s why we’ve assembled a team of Support Sherpas ready to help you any day of the week. Just click here to submit a support ticket with our team.

Need more immediate help? Our on-call support can assist with workstation setup, integrations, and hardware troubleshooting. Contact us Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm Central.

Got an issue preventing you from processing sales after-hours? Our emergency support can help Monday through Friday 6pm to 10pm Central and weekends 8am to 5pm Central.


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