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More Bike Boom relief on Ascend HQ!

July 30, 2021 Ascend HQ Eddy

The latest release on Ascend HQ brings new tools to help you manage the Bike Boom and access your data from even more places. Visit your dashboard starting August 11th to explore the updates. Here’s what’s new:

Special Orders report

Central order management is getting easier! The new Special Orders report allows users to view specially ordered products at any of your locations – all from one place, on any device.

Log in to HQ from anywhere you have internet access and view special order product information along with in-app comments, promised, and shipped dates. You also get access to order status info to let you know if the order has been submitted or received.

Want to leave special notes on specific line items shown in the report? No problem! Use the Notes field to add HQ-specific notes that are separate from your team’s in-app comments. Plus, you can search by transfer status, product description, customer, or sales person to make finding what you need faster.

Reorder Analysis Tool – UPDATED

With the introduction of the Reorder Analysis Tool in April, we gave buyers an automated way to help keep products on shelves using your store’s sales data and vendor lead times. Now, we’re taking it to the next level with the ability to import product spreadsheets directly into HQ.

The new Import tab for the Reorder Analysis Tool in Ascend HQ allows you quickly and easily manage vendor product Min/Max and Safety Stock levels. Simply use our spreadsheet templates to build your lists by vendor and quickly import levels for single or multi-store locations. Click here to access the template on the Ascend Retailer Portal.

Explore these updates on Ascend HQ starting August 11th!

Want to visit your dashboard now? Click here to visit HQ today.


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