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Improve Your Inventory Scanning Speed and Accuracy

September 27, 2013 Inventory, Version Updates Mark

With the full store inventory season approaching we’ve made many improvements for you.  Our goal is to make this critical business process simpler, faster and more accurate.

New Inventory Scanner:

We’re now selling the new Motorola MC2180 scanner.  It has a 2.8 inch color touch screen and plenty of memory to handle large inventory (aka indata) files.

New AscendScan 3.0:

We’ve updated AscendScan, the program that runs on the scanners, to work with the Motorola MC1000 and the new MC2180.  It will not work on Symbol-branded MC1000s or install on machines running Windows XP.  We’ve added three new key features:

  1. Section Numbers: When you start a new scan file, AscendScan prompts you for a section number.
  2. Item Count:  As you scan your inventory, it keeps a running total of the total number of items you’ve counted.  This count can be used to compare with the “piece count” or physical count of the section to make sure it was an accurate scan.
  3. File Naming:  The outdata file names are automatically created for you to include both the section number and the item count.

Upgrade today!  The installer and instructions are available in the Downloads section of the Ascend website. Contact your Ascend Support Team for MC2180 pricing and for details on our MC1000 Trade-In Program.

Version 2.7 Update:

Since releasing Version 2.7 on September 17th, a record number of you have upgraded.  If you haven’t yet, you should join the over 400 locations that already have.  Click here to watch a recording of 2.7 highlights.


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