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Personalize your checkout experience

September 28, 2020 Blog Eddy

Ascend retailers using Chase integrated payments with their Ingenico terminals provide a safe and secure checkout experience for their customers. Now, the new Lane/7000 allows for larger and higher quality images you can use to promote upcoming sales or local events. Learn how to personalize your checkout with a few clicks.

Prepare your custom image: To add an image to your payment terminals, you’ll first need to make note of a few requirements. The Ingenico iSC Touch 250 terminal requires images that are 480×272 pixels. The Lane/7000 images need to be 800×480 pixels. Both terminals require custom images to be saved in JPEG (.jpg) format using the RGB color profile.

Access image templates: Your Ingenico payment terminal can store up to 30 different images that rotate in alphanumerical order based on the file name. That means you’ve got plenty of room to customize the look and feel of your machine.

Read to get creative? Use our image templates to create your very own customized terminal ads. Click here to find them on the Ascend Retailer Portal on ShareFile.

Meet our October 2020 image pack: We get it – not everyone is a designer. So, we’ve put together a fall image pack containing 10 high resolution images that are formatted and ready for uploading directly your terminal. Whether you’ve got an iSC Touch 250 terminal or the updated Lane/7000, we’ve got you covered.

Click here to download the October 2020 payment terminal image pack and upgrade your checkout experience with just a few clicks.

Add an image to your Ingenico: Once you’re ready to upload image(s) to your terminal, click here to access our how-to steps on the Ascend knowledge base.

Whether you’re uploading a single image with your logo, taking advantage of our pre-made image packs, or maxing out the limit with 30 custom ads – make use of this awesome feature. A personalized checkout experience helps add a bit more polish to your customer journey and provides you an opportunity to grow your sales with engagement.

Use the images to promote service packages, encourage customers to provide their feedback, highlight particular products, or showcase your team members. And if you run into trouble, contact our support team for assistance.

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