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It’s All About the Details

February 10, 2016 Ascend, Ascend Analytics, Blog, Work Orders Erin

In the Ascend Winter 2015 update, Work Orders received a major tune up. Now that the dust has settled, let’s review some of those changes. We’ll also take a moment to preview what’s next for Work Orders in Spring 2016.

In December, we added a lot of cool features to Work Orders, including the top-requested “multiple repairs in a single transaction” feature. As a result of that update, there are some workflow changes you should be aware of to ensure your service reporting is as accurate as possible.

Why we made these changes: To make this feature possible, we made Work Order Details into a one-stop shop where everything is housed in one place. This means everything brought in together by the customer can be kept together in Ascend, along with your shop’s important information related to the services needed.

The actual Work Order shows the big picture: total price and any comments that should appear on the customer receipt. The Work Order Details tell you the specifics: what each bike needs, who worked on the bike, time spent working on it, status, and any comments for your bike mechanics.

We’ve also updated our reporting in Ascend and Ascend Analytics to match this new workflow. To use these reports most effectively, labor and parts need to be tracked at the Work Order Detail level. Not only is that good for reporting, it’s good for your service team. Individual mechanics can be assigned to each Work Order Detail, which allows multiple to be involved in one Work Order. Each mechanic gets all the important information they need in the Work Order Detail: which bike goes with what labor and/or parts!

What’s coming this spring: We’ve planned out a few new features for Spring 2016 that should help make Work Orders even easier.

Need to update the product description in Work Order Details? There’s an icon for that. We’re adding Edit and Remove icons so you can easily edit or delete products for that specific Work Order Detail. No need to leave the screen.

WO SP16 screenshot

Is that Work Order Detail completed? We’re updating the WO Detail dropdown menu to show the newly improved Completed checkmark next to the Work Order Details in the list, so you can easily see when everything is ready to go.

WO SP16 screenshot2.1

Stay tuned for these and more Work Order enhancements in Spring 2016.


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6 responses to “It’s All About the Details”

  1. Chris Nourse says:


    I’d like to request the ability to change prices from the details screen. This would save a great deal of back and forth building the work order & applying discounts to the work order screen to be reflected on the details screen.



    • Eddy says:

      Hey Chris,

      We’ve actually just recently added this ability and hope to ship it along with the Spring 2016 of Ascend next month!

      Stay tuned for more 🙂

  2. Dean Whipple says:

    It would be great if you could figure out how to allow us to change a work order into a quote. It would save precious time.

    • Eddy says:


      While this isn’t currently on the road map, we appreciate your insight. Please visit https://ascendrms.uservoice.com/ and submit your idea or vote an an existing one that might be requesting similar updates.

      Our product and development teams keep a close eye on this forum and use it to develop changes for future release.

      If you don’t have a UserVoice account, please send an email to training@ascendrms.com with the subject “UserVoice Sign-up” and we’ll get you started!

  3. Mimi says:

    Any updates on the work order timer? It still stops and clears every time a work order is closed on the computer.

    • Eddy says:

      Hi Mimi,

      I’d be interested to learn what exactly you’re seeing happen on your system. The Progress Timer will always reset, but the time recorded should be listed in the “Actual Time” field, which is also editable.

      If this is not happening, please give our Support Team a call so that we may troubleshoot further. If something funky is going on, we definitely want to know about it!

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