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UPDATED: Keep on giving

UPDATE: 12/15/17 3:30PM CST 

The vendor file import for the Bontrager Circuit helmets below will only change vendor product descriptions. In-store product descriptions must be changed manually. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience!

Original post: 12/13/17

The holiday season is upon us, and your customers are clamoring for gifts. This week, we’re making sure you’re prepared for the giving season.

Gift cards & certificates: Customer can’t decide what to buy their loved one? Ascend makes selling gift cards and certificates a breeze.

No matter whether you use integrated gift cards or your own paper gift certificates, the process of selling them is basically the same.

  1. Start a sale for the customer who is receiving the gift. While this isn’t strictly required for gift cards (since their balance is stored on the card, not in Ascend), it makes it easier to look up the details if the customer loses their card.
  2. Take the customer’s payment first. You don’t need to add any products to the sale – just click the appropriate payment type (e.g. Credit or Cash).
  3. Click the Gift Card/Gift Cert payment type. The amount is automatically entered in parentheses – this means you “owe” the customer this amount. Then, just click Save.
  4. Now, just complete the transaction as normal.

Need a little more instruction? Check out our training resources:

Gift receipts: As great as a gift may be, sometimes it just isn’t quite right for the customer. You can give the purchaser a gift receipt to make the exchange process easy without revealing their secrets. On the Change Due screen, just check Print Gift Receipt.

Want this checked by default during the holiday season? Don’t want to waste paper, and encourage customers to provide an email address to send receipts to? You can set your preferences in Options > Receipts > Defaults.

Don’t spoil the surprise: Did you know that Trek bike registrations aren’t sent until you actually close the transaction? On the Trek Care Registration screen, fill out the customer’s information and click Register. Ascend will do the rest when you finalize the sale.

Color correction: We recently discovered that a few of the Bontrager Circuit helmets had the wrong color listed in their description. This was corrected in our vendor files a while back, but if you updated Trek TCG products after April, you may have been affected. Here’s how to fix them (please note that this will only change your vendor product descriptions; in-store products may need to be manually adjusted):

  1. Download this spreadsheet with the correct descriptions.
  2. In Options > General, uncheck Import Only New Products for Vendors.
  3. From the Ascend Desktop, select the File menu > Import > Vendor Products.
  4. Locate and double-click the file you downloaded.
  5. Double-click Trek Bicycle Corporation.
  6. Description is automatically selected. Do not select any other columns if they do not require updating. Click OK.
  7. Return to Options > General and check Import Only New Products for Vendors.

Holiday deals: For the month of December, we’re giving you 10% off all peripherals (excluding PCs). Make an early New Year’s resolutions to stock up and save on the latest and greatest hardware – order today!

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2 responses to “UPDATED: Keep on giving”

  1. John Levine says:

    I followed all of your instructions twice and the updated descriptions did not import. Any suggestions?

    • Erin says:

      Hey John,
      Sorry it didn’t work for you! Give us a call on the support line and we’ll be happy to help figure out what’s going on.

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