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November 26, 2018 Uncategorized @gb Harriet Owen

If you’re like many retailers in much of United Kingdom, the traffic in your store is probably starting to drop off fairly significantly. No matter what time of year it is, Ascend offers some great tools you can use to bring customers back into your store and keep them returning throughout the whole year.

Targeted customer marketing: The easiest way to make your customers feel appreciated is to acknowledge their past purchases and interests, and Ascend’s Customer Query utility makes it easy to look this up!

You can create your own report based on any combination of transaction type, date range, specific products, category, city, postal code, gender, sales person, customer group, vendor (just be aware that, because your employees can’t tell who a product on the shelf came from, neither can Ascend – so any inventory or sales reports you run based on vendor will return the same information for every vendor you could order that product from), and more. Email the female mountain bikers in your city to organise a Ladies’ Night trail ride, let everyone who bought a kids’ bike more than two years ago know about your trade-up program, or remind your skiers about your waxing and binding services before the snow flies.

Learn how to create your lists in the How do I create customer and product queries? article.

Want to just find out who your top repeat customers are? The Top Customers by Visits report will give you this info without any extra frills – learn how to use this report in the Where can I find my “top” customers? article.

Targeted product marketing: Do you ever wonder what your top-selling products are? What about your worst sellers? Are you really selling as many deluxe tune-up packages as you think you are? Like the Customer Query, the Product Query utility lets you build your own product report to fine-tune your ordering, clear out your excess inventory, or promote those service packages.

Get the details in the How do I create customer and product queries? article.

Just want to know what’s been sitting on your shelves the longest and needs to go in the closeout bin? The Aged Inventory report will tell you what products you have in stock that haven’t sold since a certain date – just run it (from the Inventory section in Reports), choose your “last sold” date (usually one year ago) and, if you wish, a vendor (just keep in mind, as above, that the same product will be returned for every vendor you can order it from), then filter the results as desired to get the list of products you wish to concentrate on (for example, you’ll probably want to filter out products which were received recently but have never sold, since they’re likely brand new offerings).

Learn your score: The best way to convince customers to come back into your store is to make it an inviting environment. And the best way to determine what your customers think of it is to just ask them!

With the June 2018 version of Ascend, we introduced integration with the Listen360 customer engagement platform – normally a $5,000+-per-year service, but now included in every Ascend subscription for no extra fee. Every morning, any customer who completed a purchase the previous day is sent a simple survey asking about their experience (as long they haven’t already received a survey in the past 90 days or doesn’t have Include in Communications unchecked on their profile).

You can then keep an eye on you customers’ feedback in real-time. Get an alert if someone reports an unpleasant experience so you can fix it right away. Customers who had a fantastic experience are prompted to review your store on Google (or other social media, if you don’t have a Google presence) – and the better your reviews are, the higher your website will appear in search results!

Get the details on Listen360 in the How do I get started with Listen360 integration? article, and when you’re ready to go, sign up for access to your dashboard.

Promote, promote, promote: The simplest way to entice your customers to purchase is to offer them a sale. Ascend Promotions allow you to sell specific products or entire categories for a variety of discount types – you can choose to offer special pricing only during a certain date range, or permanently (a.k.a. closeout). You can even paste in a list of products – for example, all that aged inventory you need to clear out.

See the How do I create a sales promotion? and How do I add or edit products for an existing sales promotion? articles to get going.

Join the club: Do you sponsor a local race team? Do you want to reward your best customers with an extra discount? Customer Groups make it easy to organize and keep track of team members and to extend special pricing to group members automatically – without requiring your cashiers to memorize all the details. You can even see how many sales these groups are bringing in!

Check out the Create and Use Customer Groups and View Customer Group Reports modules to get all the details.

Trek Connect Retail Marketing: Are you a Trek dealer and don’t want to mess around with creating ad images, generating email lists, and all of that? Want an easier way to promote your store? The Trek Connect Retail Marketing (TCRM) program lets you take advantage of Trek’s marketing team to super-charge your advertising with minimal effort on your part! Choose from automated post-bike-purchase emails (with your choice of coupon values), seasonal catalogs mailed to your top customers, monthly campaigns/sales, or any combination you choose.

Get all the details on Trek Connect Retail Marketing on Dexter

Dexter username update: On October 29th, Trek retailers were required to update all Dexter usernames to an email address. Have you updated this information in Ascend? Prevent order backups by double-checking you have the correct information in BOTH Options and in your Trek vendor record. The Trek integration in Vendor Orders article walks you through the process.

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