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November 27, 2013 Products, Version Updates, Work Orders Mark

We understand if we only focus on big projects, small but necessary improvements get neglected.  So with every release we’re devoting a portion of our time to small improvements.  We’re also making sure to select ones that have a significant positive impact.  There are several small improvements that you’ll get in Version 2.8 (due out December 10th).  A few weeks ago, we detailed some of them in this blog.  Here are some more:

Time Clock Report Improvements:

We’ve modified the time clock report to only show you the people you need to see and hold back those you don’t.  All users, including those that are hidden, will be shown for the date range you choose if they’ve logged hours during that period.  Users that haven’t logged hours within that date range won’t be shown.

More Duplicate In-Store Product Help:

We’ve expanded the analysis of the Remove Duplicate In-Store Products Tool.  In addition to identifying products with the same SKU or UPC, it will now also identify cross match products.  Cross match products are those where the SKU of one product matches the UPC of another.

Refresh Your Work Orders Due Screen:

In many work shops, your mechanics may spend much of their day in the Work Orders Due Screen.  We’ve added a Refresh button to make sure they’re seeing the latest list of work orders.  The screen will also now automatically refresh every 10 minutes.

Version 2.8 is available now for early release.  Contact the Ascend Support Team if you’d like to be part of the Release Candidate group.  Otherwise, it will be available to everyone on December 10th.

On behalf on the entire Ascend Team, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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