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New year, new gear

January 16, 2018 General Eddy

2018 is in full swing – make it the best year yet! This week, we’re focusing on some ways we can help. Read on to learn more about our upcoming live seminars aimed at helping our customers grow their business with Ascend.

Grow your business: Small business owners and managers know that it’s important to remain competitive in this new retail landscape. While many big box stores shutter their doors, more and more local businesses look to data to help keep customers coming though the door.

That’s where we come in! Ascend helps you efficiently track inventory, analyze sales metics, and collect important customer information to power your marketing campaigns. Pair our powerful system with Ascend Bookkeeping and inventory services to automate your business and grow your sales.

Click here to sign-up for one of our seminars below and start making the most out of your investment. But hurry! Class sizes are limited.

Upgrade your PCs: Your computers help keep your business moving. But they aren’t made to last (or remain secure) forever. Windows 7 machines ended mainstream support on January 13th, 2015 and Windows 8 machines ended mainstream support on January 9th, 2018.

Avoid unnecessary shutdowns and speed up your workflows by keeping them updated!

If you’re using an outdated PC, you might be contributing to a less-than-stellar customer service experience. And employees are probably feeling it, too.

Update by the end of the month to receive 5% off of new PC hardware. Contact us today to learn more!

Sign-up for bookkeeping: Solid financial states are critical to your success. And you need that information quickly in order to act on your results. But that shouldn’t mean you have to add more to your to-do list.

With Ascend, not only do you get a gap-less workflow that produces data based on true sales and cost of goods, but you get a team able to match, verify, and enter all necessary sales, vendor, and payroll information when you sign-up for our bookkeeping services.

Learn more.


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