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On Sale Keeps Getting Better

August 30, 2014 Customers, Promotions Luke

Version 2.11 is just days away! It will be available to all dealers on September 2nd. Click here to register for our release webinar at 10:00 AM CDT on Wednesday, September 3rd.  We’ll also continue to review new features in upcoming blog posts. Below we’ll cover some additional On Sale features that will be included in this release.

Place Categories On Sale
When you create a new On Sale record, you’ll now have the option to designate it as a category sale. When building a category sale, you can select and apply a percentage discount to the categories you choose. Products in the categories placed on sale will automatically have the discount applied, even if they are categorized after the sale has been created. Category On Sale Tree

Create & Edit from Any Location
If you’re a multi-store dealership, you’ll notice some improvements we made with regard to sharing. On Sale records will be automatically shared to all other locations in real time. Updates to existing records can be made from any location and will also automatically be shared. If for some reason an On Sale record needs to be ignored at a certain store, you can simply uncheck the “Use Sale Pricing” check box at that location and the pricing for that sale won’t be applied. Use Sale Pricing Check box

Goodbye, Customer Advanced Properties
Here is your final reminder that the fields behind the “Show Advanced Properties” button in the customer record have been removed in version 2.11. Most (if not all) of you are already not using these fields. If you are, please prepared for life after they’re gone.

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