Quarterly Update – June 2021

Juni 30, 2021 General, Version Updates Mark

Welcome to your 2nd quarter update! Every quarter we’re committed to keeping you informed on upcoming improvements and useful features that can help you grow your retail business. 

Earlier this year, we started our path towards tripling our investment in product development work and we’re well on our way. Every week we’re welcoming new team members to help deliver you more value with each update. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Helping you navigate the Bike Boom: The Bike Boom has presented some unique challenges. In our last quarterly update, we talked about the ability to pre-sell bikes from open orders. We also introduced the new Product Replacement Wizard. We’ve heard many great stories about how these features are helping you to save time and provide outstanding customer hospitality. With our June update, you’ll get two more powerful new features to help:
    • Receiving Wizard: With the boom we know you have an unprecedented number of back orders which has led to some marathon receiving sessions for you. In our June update you’ll get the ability to electronically receive orders from Trek with a single scan. This will take your receiving time down to minutes.
    • In-App Delivery Dates: With all the Trek bikes you’ve pre-sold, it’s essential to keep your customers informed on when their bike will be delivered. With the June update you’ll see a new Delivery Date column in both the Sales and the Order screens. Anytime you go into either of these screens, Ascend will automatically fetch the delivery data from Trek for any of the items that are on order and will display the most up-to-date delivery estimate.
  1. Helping our multi-store retailers: Last quarter we introduced the new Reorder Analysis Tool. It’s designed to help central buyers easily and quickly set reorder (Min/Max) levels for all their locations from one spot. Watch for additional improvements this quarter and work with your Trek territory manager to help make the most of this new tool. Also coming this quarter is a new version of the Special Orders Report to replace the old version on Ascend Online Reports. This will be the central place to view and manage your special orders for all your retail locations.
  1. Evolving with retail: Last quarter we introduced our new partnership with Locally. With our new integration, purchases and reservations flow smoothly from Trek’s website into Ascend. We’re hearing many great stories about how this integration is directing new customers into your stores. It’s worth noting that Locally partners with over 200 brands, some of which you no doubt carry in your stores. Once you’ve set up your integration, any reservations or purchases made on those brand sites will also flow into Ascend.

We’ve already started work on the new features and improvements that you’ll be seeing in the 4th quarter. In addition to improvements on the speed and stability of Ascend, you can look forward to major help with product record maintenance and special order processing.

It is our purpose and our honor every day to provide you with solutions you love to help you thrive. We are here to serve you. As always, you can reach out to me with your thoughts and ideas at mark_hoggatt@ascendrms.com.

Mark Hoggatt, Ascend Global Director

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