Quarterly Update – March 2021

Mai 3, 2021 General, Version Updates Mark

We’re committed to keeping you informed on upcoming improvements and useful features that can help you grow your retail business. Earlier this year we started our path towards tripling our investment in product development work.

We wanted to help you build on 2020’s momentum and knew we needed more resources to continue providing you with the best-in-class retail management apps for bicycle retailers.

Three months later, we’ve started to see the returns of our investment and look forward to bringing you more quality updates as our team continues to grow. Here’s what’s going on this spring:

  1. Helping you maximize your team’s performance: We continue to develop Ascend HQ to help you track your performance from anywhere! Explore some of our latest updates:
    • The RPM Accuracy Report makes sure you’re optimizing your use of Ascend to provide you with reliable data.
    • You now can set RPM metrics goals to help motivate your team.
    • The new Service Team Analysis Report helps dive into the details of your Average Work Order performance.
  1. Helping our multi-store retailers: Multi-store functionality is one of our top priorities as we look to devote more development resources to our projects. This will allow more features to be developed in less time.

And those resources are already doing more. In April, we introduced the first of five major central ordering functions we’ll be delivering over the next two years: the Reorder Analysis Tool. It is designed to help buyers easily set reorder (Min/Max) levels for all their locations from one place.

  1. Helping you navigate the Bike Boom: The Bike Boom has presented some unique challenges and we’re here to help.
    • Pre-selling Bikes: Now more than ever, we know you’re selling bikes you don’t have yet. With our February 2021 release, we introduced the ability to connect your customer special orders to existing vendor orders.
    • Updating Open Orders: With the boom, many of bikes on your backorders are being replaced with new part numbers. Our new Product Replacement Wizard, introduced in April 2021, quickly guides you through updating all your open vendor orders and customer special orders with the replacement products.
    • Receiving Combined Orders: We know you have an unprecedented number of backorders, leading to some marathon receiving sessions for your teams. In our June 2021 update, you’ll get the ability to electronically receive combined orders from Trek to help reduce the time it takes you to just a few minutes.
  1. Evolving with retail: We also introduced a new partnership with Locally this April. With Locally, we are harnessing the power of brands that customers recognize along with the reach of their websites to connect customers with your inventory and your stores. With our new integration, purchases and reservations will flow smoothly from sites like trekbikes.com into Ascend and help you provide a great hospitality experience for all the new customers you’ll be welcoming to your stores.
  1. Net Promoter Survey: Thanks to everyone around the world that participated in our survey! We appreciate your candid feedback. We heard loud and clear that we need to maintain a balance between providing a fast and stable system and one that evolves with your needs. We pledge to maintain that balance – and to do so, we’re tripling the size of our development team.

If you didn’t get to share your voice, don’t worry – we’ve updated our sending cadence to ensure we’re hearing from you as often as possible and we’ll have a new survey out in September.

It is our purpose and our honor to provide you with solutions you love to help you thrive every single day. We are here to serve you. As always, you can reach out to me with your thoughts and ideas at mark_hoggatt@trekbikes.com.

Mark Hoggatt, Ascend Global Director

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