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Ready for the season?

This is a busy time for many of our retailers, so this week we’ll go over a few small things that will help you tackle the summer. Plus, we’ve got some info about our new release.

Secure payments made easy: When you start a transaction, it gets a unique security certificate through a Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA). This year, the industry is moving to a more secure algorithm (SHA-2) to improve how your customers’ information is encrypted.

If you’re an existing Chase customer, you may have received an email asking you to contact your payment solutions vendor regarding this change in payment processing.

But we’ve got good news: as long as you’re using the most recent version of Ascend, your system has already been updated to use the upgraded Chase platform. No further action is needed.

If you haven’t updated to the most recent version of Ascend, please note that your payment processing ability may be negatively impacted starting June 1st.

Better reporting: The season has kicked off – keep everything running smoothly with unique workstation names! Not only will you avoid pesky errors at your store, but your reporting and audit information will be much more accurate.

Assigning a name to every workstation makes it easier to identify it on reports, track where a sale was made, and allows you to accurately reconcile your cash at the end of the day. Learn how to create and assign workstation names in our online help.

And as we expand the number of device settings which are shared between workstations, assigning a name to every one of your workstations will ensure all of your devices can communicate with each other without any problems.

Update to Summer 2017: The Summer 2017 version of Ascend will be available to all retailers on Tuesday, June 6th. Make sure to write it down because you won’t want to miss this. Summer brings:

Watch the overview. 


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