Rebates galore

Trekfest is coming to a close and it’s time to get those rebates! And that’s not the only Trek Connect Retail Marketing campaign available.

Trekfest Wrap up: Trekfest is coming to an end! Grab the rebate queries here. Rebate queries are due to Trek by Monday, May 6 and are based on Trek Advertised retail price. Save your query results as an Excel (XLSX) file and email them to Trek Customer Care at rebates@trekbikes.com.

TCRM trade-up rebates: Rebate queries for the Trek Connect Retail Marketing Project One paint upgrade campaign are due to Trek by Friday, April 19. Rebate amounts are based on the final value as assessed by Bicycle Blue Book. Grab your queries here.

Upcoming TCRM campaigns: Trek Connect Retail Marketing has a lot of promotions planned for you this spring! Mix and match or pick and choose which ones you’d like to participate in today:

Ascend University contest: We’ve added a handful of new videos to Ascend University for the March 2019 release. Take some time to catch up on your Ascend Sherpa status and get entered to win 1 of 2 Toshiba HD Smart TVs! Just complete all of the modules by midnight on May 1st, 2019

Update to March 2019: Over 80% of Ascend retailers world-wide are already on the March 2019 version of Ascend. Are you one of them? If not, it’s time to update! Schedule some time outside of store hours to update your computers to the newest version of Ascend.

Dexter outage: There is a planned Dexter outage for updates this weekend, starting at 11:00PM CST on Friday April 19th and continuing into Saturday, April 20th. Dexter will be back on Sunday, if not sooner for your region.


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