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Say Cheese!

With the New Year comes a new way to advertise upcoming sales and promotions. Read on to learn about using custom images with your updated payment terminal and check out our holiday hours for information about support availability later this week.

Big Boy Toy: You no longer have to be a big box retailer to provide customers a top-notch shopping experience. With the Winter 2015 version of Ascend and an updated payment terminal, you can personalize your checkout just like the big boys. This might sound familiar if your store has transitioned to the Ingenico iSC Touch 250 terminals already, but many retailers still don’t seem to know about some of the cool tricks it can perform.

After updating, you can customize your Ingenico display with your very own images – giving you another place to show off your store logo, upcoming sales, monthly events, fundraisers, or pictures of cats. It’s completely up to you!

As long as your images are sized 480 x 272 pixels, loading them to your device is a breeze. You can get a template for image sizes in the Dealer Portal under Payment Processing in Downloads. Once you have your image(s) prepared, head into Ascend. Then, go to Options > Payment Processing > Pinpad Setup > Open Images Folder. Drop your images into the first folder that pops up and click Send Images to Device to begin the upload.

(Did we mention you can add up to 30 images? That’s a lot of cat memes!)

The iSC Touch 250 is a single payment device that gives your customers a little more power and your employees a little less stress.  And this is just one of many cool features available when you pair the Ingenico iSC Touch 250 terminals with our Winter 2015 update.

The pin pad is even bilingual, so customers can choose English or Spanish upon checkout. ¡Qué bueno!

Don’t have one yet? Contact our Support Team for more information or shoot an email to our Sales Team at sales@ascendrms.com to order yours today.

But don’t forget! Ascend has limited support hours during New Year’s.

We have regular hours (8AM-6PM CDT)  through Wednesday, December 30th. There will be limited support via the Emergency line on Thursday, December 31st, and no support available on Friday, January 1st.

Emergency support will be back for you on Saturday and Sunday from 8AM-5PM CDT.

Pro tip: Stay in the loop by visiting our blog, the Ascend Customer Network on Yammer, Ascend University, and Ascend Help.

See you next year!


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2 responses to “Say Cheese!”

  1. Corey says:

    Followed the easy steps but when the images are sent the pin pad it shows that it is closed. What am I missing?

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Corey –
      You may need to run a calibration or firmware update. If neither of these fixes the issue (or if you need help running either process), please give the support line a call so we can connect to the computer and see what we can find!

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