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The Re-Imagination of Nearly Everything

July 3, 2012 General, Version Updates Mark

In the winter of 2004 I, along with other managers at Trek, read Re-imagine! by Tom Peters.  The premise of the book was that businesses need to constantly evaluate and re-invent themselves.  Peters emphasized how the web would dramatically change all businesses.  Not long after reading the book, Trek decided to get into the software business and bought Ascend.  It was certainly a departure for a cycling company.  But it was, in my biased opinion, a great move.

So it was with great interest that I viewed this recent slide show entitled “The Re-Imagination of Nearly Everything”.  You’ll want to view slides 29-84.  The breadth and magnitude of the changes in such a short time is enormous.

It’s in this spirit and climate of re-imagination that we move forward today.  Today marks the end of our development work in Ascend Version 2.  We’ve completed another batch of improvements that we look forward to introducing to you in September with Version 2.5.  Now we turn our focus to delivering Ascend Version 3 (see my 5/22 blog “To the Cloud!”).

This is a huge change for all of us.  Much like when we got into the software business there are questions and concerns.  Is this the right thing to do?  History has taught us that getting into the software business was a great move.  I believe it will tell us the same for our move the cloud with Version 3.

On another note….

Version 2.4 was released the week of June 11th.  Since then over 400 locations have upgraded.  It contains new features and important fixes.  If you’re on an earlier version, make plans to upgrade soon.

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  1. Great Work guys! Keep it up. The blog helps to engage my staff in constructive communication about ascend 🙂

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