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Turn Your Old Inventory Into New Cash

October 16, 2013 Inventory, Version Updates Mark

Identifying and removing the oldest and slowest moving products from your stores is an important and never-ending task.  To help you, we’re introducing a new Aged Inventory Report in Ascend Version 2.8.

We Simplified the Report 

Before there were two reports called “Aged Inventory by Vendor and By Date” and “Aged Inventory by Date”.  Now there’s just one called “Aged Inventory”.  When you run the report you’ll get a Select Filters prompt to select a date and, if you want, a specific vendor.   

We Added More Information:

We Made Sure It Only Includes Old Stuff: 

This is trickier than it sounds.  The report displays any product with either:

There are Lots of Cool Tricks:

There’s plenty you can do with this report once it’s on your screen.  You can right-click and choose Export to open it in Excel.  You can double-click on any line to open up the product record.  You can sort by any column by clicking on the column header.  You can drag columns in whatever order you’d like to see them.  You can also filter by a specific value from any column.  Just click on the littler filter symbol in the upper right hand corner of the column header.

Version 2.8: 

Version 2.8 will be available for early release on November 12th.  We’re scheduled to release it to everyone on December 10th.

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