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Version 2.3 Issues and Analytics Update

April 10, 2012 General, Inventory, Version Updates Mark

We’ve recently discovered two issues with Version 2.3 that you should be aware of.

Trekfest on sale not importing:

Dealers running Version 2.3 cannot import the Trekfest on sale using the Trek Sale Wizard (Desktop > Integration > Trek > Sale Wizard).  The problem is related to the attribute we added to the On Sale record that allows you to indicate if the sale is in-store only, eCommerce only or both.

In order to import the sale, you’ll need to run a query first.  For multi-location dealers, you just need to run it at one of your locations.  Then you can use the standard on sale download function for your other locations.  The query is available on the Downloads page at www.ascendrms.com.  If you need any further assistance with this, please contact the Ascend Support Team.

Inventory not reconciling

In Version 2.3, we’ve also discovered an issue with the Reconcile Inventory function (Desktop > Tools > Reconcile Inventory).  After reconciling the quantities for the file you imported, in-store products that had a quantity discrepancy are not being marked as reconciled.  An easy workaround to prevent this is to simply click and highlight a line in the grid before clicking the Reconcile button.  If you do, all in-store products in the file will be marked as reconciled.

We apologize for these issues.  Before any release goes out, it goes through extensive internal and external testing.  Unfortunately these issues made it past those screening processes.  In the next two weeks, we will be issuing an update to Version 2.3 to fix these issues.

Analytics Update

In my last blog, I mentioned that it’s been taking longer and longer for the previous day’s numbers to appear on Analytics. Our standard is to have Analytics updated every day by 7:00am Central Time, 8:00am Eastern Time. We have taken immediate steps to return to this standard. For the past week, this standard has been met every day.  We will continue to work on steps to make sure this standard is met in the future.

One step we’re taking is to set the Analyzer to compile data on demand.  We have been compiling Analyzer data for every dealer every night.  This adds a lot of time to the nightly process and has been a big contributor to the previous days’ data appearing late.  Now, when you click on the Analyzer button you will see a progress indicator showing the data being compiled.  Once it’s complete, click the Analyzer button again to view your data.  Once you’ve compiled the data for that day, it will not need to be compiled again.

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