We’re off to meet the wizard

The Spring 2018 version of Ascend is bringing a lot of cool new features to a desktop near you. Coming next week, on Tuesday, March 20th, spring brings an update to On Sale, a modified locked transaction notification, and much, much more!

The Wiz: The On Sale section of Ascend has been renamed to the more common term: Promotions. And the Sales Wizard has been upgraded with it! Just follow the yellow brick road all the way to Database Explorer > Promotions for easy access to all Ascend-created promotions.

Once you open the Wizard, just highlight a Promotion in the top part of the window to view the discounted products for it in the lower part.

Highlight individual products in the promotion to edit the Product record, remove the item from the promotion, or print a product label. If you remove a product from the promotion, it appears in the Removed tab, where you can easily view or restore deleted items. 

There’s also a tab for Discrepancies, which includes any products in the promotion that don’t exist in your Ascend system, or that have duplicate UPCs. 

When you’re ready, click Download to add the promotion to your database.

Look closer: Want to learn more about the Wizard, and all things spring? Watch the Spring 2018 Feature Overview video below, or check out the release notes.


Trek fest: Speaking of upcoming Ascend-created promotions…Trek Fest starts on Thursday, March 29th! Make sure to check in with the Wizard early next week (March 19th) to download the promotions for bikes and accessories. We will also have full instructions and rebate queries available at that time. Trek Fest runs from March 29th – April 8th this year.

Join the Beta team: For Ascend to be its best self, we need help from retailers like you! When a new version of Ascend is created, a select group of retailers downloads it early to help test new features and give our team feedback. Our Beta team of testers typically get an updated version of Ascend once a month. They are expected to read through the release notes (which also appear on the Update screen in Ascend), test new features, and provide feedback to the Ascend team.

If you are interested in joining this team, or would like to learn more, click here!




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