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What is your Ascend back-up plan?

November 6, 2012 General Mark

To our customers living in the wake of Hurricane Sandy:  We hope you’re safe and sound and your lives are returning to normal.  If there’s any way we can help, please let us know.

Earlier this year my neighbor’s house was gutted by fire.  Fortunately they were well insured and most everything has been replaced.  At the time of the fire, he was most upset about losing his computer.  It had many valuable files and photos on it that weren’t backed up anywhere else.  Once the fire was under control, he asked the fire fighters if they could retrieve the computer.  By some miracle the computer was spared and he was able to get the files off of it.  He was lucky.

Think about the days, weeks, months and years of data you’ve created in Ascend.  How valuable is that information to you?  Think about how quickly it could disappear if your computer hard drive fails or, worse yet, some other disaster strikes.

I’m asking you this week to verify your Ascend back-up plan.  Make sure you’re backing up your database at the end of each business day.  Make sure you have a copy stored offsite.  If the worst happens and you have a back-up file, our Ascend Support Team can get you up and running quickly.

One of the benefits to look forward to with Version 3 is automatic back-ups.  Since we’re hosting the databases for you, we’ll make sure they’re backed up every night.  Until then, please make sure your back-up plan is being followed.


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