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February 7, 2014 Version Updates Mark

We try to incorporate all the tools you need for your business into Ascend.  We understand it’s efficient to have everything in one place.  But sometimes it isn’t possible or practical.  When it isn’t, we want to make sure Ascend is an easy gateway to those tools.

In Version 2.9, due out on March 18th, we’ve added some new gateways for you.

Ascend Online Reports:

Ascend Online Reports, a.k.a. AOR, is a collection of reports you can access from anywhere via your web browser.  It also consolidates information from multiple locations for those of you with more than one store.  In Version 2.9 we’ve added an AOR button to the Reports screen.  When you click the button you’ll automatically be taken to the main list of reports if your Ascend user account has the permission to view online reports.

Ascend Customer Network:

The Ascend Customer Network, a.k.a. the ACN, is a great way for us to communicate with each other. The network has nearly 450 members and it’s growing every day.  It’s powered by Yammer, Microsoft’s business collaboration network.   In Version 2.9, to access it from Ascend, go to the Help menu and select “Login to Ascend Customer Network”.


There are many things we could be working on.  It’s tough deciding what’s next.  Your input helps.  UserVoice is a network that specializes in collecting and ranking ideas.  It’s been a great resource for us.  To access it go to the Help menu and select “Login to UserVoice”.

If you need help connecting to any of these resources, please contact your Ascend Support Team at help@ascendrms.com.

Version 2.9 will be available for early release on February 18th.  It will be available for everyone on March 18th.

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